March 2016 Newsletter

March 2016 Newsletter and School Term Dates [gview file=””]

Primary 1 – Rapunzel stories

Primary 1 have been developing our listening and talking skills by retelling Fairytales.  We used the Ipad to create little stories in groups of three to tell the beginning, middle and…

Primary 1 Fairyland

Primary 1 received a special letter from a dragon asking for our help. Children are not reading enough Fairytales anymore and Fairyland is disappearing. Can we help by building Fairyland…

We made Balmoral Shortbread today in P 1/2!

The pupils in P 1/2 were baking with Miss McDonald today. We made some Scottish shortbread. The recipe was called Balmoral Shortbread. We gave one to each of the staff….

Morning Nursery: What do you like best about Spring time? Who will have the tallest Sunflower?

The morning Nursery were voting about what they like best about Spring. What is the  most popular choice? Is it the yummy Easter Egg? Sunflower Planting has started in Nursery….