The Magic Bus and Human Body P1M Topic

The Primary one children have been so excited this week with the Magic Bus appearing on different days in the playground and in the classroom along with Arnold the skeleton.

On Monday Mrs Cheyne our PSA told us that we had to go and investigate the tracks left in the playground. So we all went outdoors to find a skeleton holding a letter, a magic bus and a book. This was the start of our topic. 

The children were asked in the letter if they wanted to be part of the adventure and create their own magic bus to join the adventure. All the children wanted to take part and have created some fantastic buses.

The children are leading the learning for the topic, because we created a cloud of wonder wall with all their questions about the human body. Already Arnold the skeleton has helped us answer some of our questions about bones. So the adventure has began, I wonder when the Magic bus will appear again?

Primary 1 New Topic

Primary  1 began our new topic today.

We were called for by our PSA, Mrs Cheyne, to look at some mysterious tracks in the playground.  When we followed them, it led us to a skeleton, a book, a letter and a magic bus!  The letter explained that we are going to learn all about the human body through the exciting adventures on the magic bus.

Back in the classroom, we designed our own magic buses. Check out our cute faces peeking out the window.

It is very important that the children lead their own learning, so each child thought of questions that they would like to explore during our topic.


What’s under your feet?

The Eco group completed a “what’s under your feet” survey within areas of the school this afternoon. They were looking to see what insects are living in our grounds. We found mostly earthworms, a maggot and a ladybird.

This is part of The Pod and British Trust for Ornithology. It is to help scientists at the BTO understand the relationship between climate, the availability of invertebrates and how this impacts UK bird numbers and their migration patterns. We put out information into a survey.

We will add to this by looking at the birds we can see in our playground.

Fun finding fairy doors for P2

On Tuesday P2 went on a fairy door hunt in Westfield park. We saw and heard many interesting things as we travelled through the park. We even saw a deer having a wee rest under a tree. It was well camouflaged in one of the wooded areas. We only managed to find twenty of the doors before it was time to head back to school. Hopefully all our parents will manage to visit the park during the holidays to let us find all twenty seven fairy doors.

We had many silver certificates this week. Owen, Max, Leonie and Cara achieved theirs on Monday and Adam and Mark on Thursday. The golden ticket winners were Leonie and Sophie. Congratulations to these clever doodles.

Have a happy holiday everyone.