Primary 1 First Day

We had a lovely day making new friends and learning some routines…….Mrs Low learned that we need a little longer to get ready for home!!!!!!!

We read a story about starting school and had some Jitter Juice to calm our nerves.  We couldn’t get out to play for break today because of the rain,but we got to know each other with a a snack and chat. We drew our faces for a class display and got messy making first day keepsakes.  We started looking at some holiday bags which were so interesting. What a brilliant morning.imageimageimage









Nursery Farewell Song

Preschool Class farewell song.

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P1/2 designed a packet for their healthy cereal.

We made boxes for our healthy breakfast cereal. First we looked at some variety packets to see what was on them and then we designed our own ones. We took a packet apart to see how it was constructed. We found out that we needed extra bits on the rectangles on the boxes so that we had somewhere to put the glue to stick them together. The shape of the opened out box is called the net.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

P1/2 Tasting our Healthy Breakfast

We designed our own healthy breakfast cereal. We had to taste lots of possible ingredients and then choose up to five of them. We then made up a sample to taste and put the remaining amount into a bag. Next we had to think of a name for our breakfast cereal and design the packaging. Once we had finished making the box we put our bag of breakfast cereal inside it. We are taking them home to eat.imageimageimageimageimageimageimage.image

Primary 5 Litter Picking

Some of the boys in P5 decided to make an extra special effort to keep our playground tidy by taking great care when litter picking.  Let’s keep our playground clean and litter free by using the litter bins provided! The Eco Group would like to say a special thank you to the boys for their hard work!image image image