Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary learning is a planned approach to learning which uses links across different subjects or disciplines to enhance learning.

At Braehead we have bundled Experiences and Outcomes and repacked them into contexts for learning across early, first and second level. These contexts for learning will often draw together a number of curricular areas, helping children to make links between subjects and to real life, encouraging the transfer of important skills.

Term 1 – Superhero in your own story

The main focus in Term 1 will be the theme of ‘Uniqueness’, using a book or selection of books to support this.

Classes will create their own class charter, which will reflect the articles of the UN  Children’s Convention and the Braehead School values. 

Term 2 – Footprints

The main focus of Term 2 is to explore people, events, inventions and discoveries that have left a mark in our world. Pupils will research and investigate those who have made a difference to our world. 

Term 3 – Faur Wi Bide

The main focus of Term 3 is to gain an understanding of landscapes and history of the local area, wider Scotland and at some levels make comparisons with the wider world.  Curricular areas such as technology and numeracy will focus on directional work, programming, shape, position and movement.

Term 4 – Superheros in society

The main focus of the term is will be health and wellbeing. Pupils will investigate aspects of keeping safe within the community and wider world. Additionally, there will be a focus on the environment and an opportunity for pupils to run an enterprise.