Mathematics is used in everyday situations and our pupils are always encouraged to think about how learning will help them in real life situations.

Mathematics comprises of:
• Information Handling: gathering, organising, displaying and interpreting
• Number, Money and Measurement: learning to add, subtract, multiply and
divide, as well as to work with money, time, length, weight, area and volume.
• Shape, Position and Movement: learning about the properties of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and to understand position and movement


Big Maths

In Braehead Big Maths is a teaching programme used to help
children to develop instant recall of number facts which will
enable them to develop their mental maths agility.

This will enable them to more easily solve number problems as they
understand how the number system works and how they can
manipulate numbers.

Big Maths is delivered through CLIC Sessions which stands for ‘Counting’,
‘Learn Its’, ‘It’s Nothing New’ and ‘Calculation’.

A leaflet giving a more lengthy explanation of Big Maths is available on request.