The Literacy framework has three elements:
• Reading
• Writing
• Listening and Talking

Literacy has been defined within Curriculum for Excellence as ‘the set of skills which allows an individual to engage fully in society and in learning, through the different forms of language, and the range of texts, which society values and
finds useful’ (Principles and practice: Literacy across learning, 2009).

Accelerated Reader

Here at Braehead we recognise the importance of reading and use a resource, Accelerated Reader, to promote pleasure and enjoyment of reading. Each term pupils from P3-P7 will take a comprehension quiz and are assigned a reading range (i.e. 3.8 – 5.8).

Pupils are then encouraged to choose a book within their range from the library, all of which have a reading level on the spine. We call this their ‘independent reading book’.

By using Accelerated Reader, we can be confident that pupils are reading books at the right level for them to continue to improve.

Whole class and group novels will still formal an integral part of reading skills development at Braehead School.

For more information about Accelerated Reading, resources or how you can support your child, please visit our dedicated Google Reading Site.