Health and Wellbeing

As we are a health promoting school, health is a fundamental part of the
curriculum and children are encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles. Our Health
Education programme focuses on the mental, emotional, social and physical
wellbeing of our pupils.

Health and wellbeing is organised in 6 areas:
1. Mental, Emotional, Social and physical wellbeing.
2. Planning for choices and change
3. Physical education, physical activity and sport.
4. Food and Health.
5. Substance Misuse.
6. Relationships, sexual health and parenthood.

Pupils have a minimum of 2 hours of Physical Education each week and learn to
develop skills in a range of sports and activities.

Parents will always be informed by letter (email and physical copy) when any
sensitive aspects of learning such as relationships, sexual health, parenthood and
drugs awareness is being taught in class.