Our Curriculum and Subject Areas

In Scotland we have a responsibility to provide children with a Broad General Education from Pre-School to Secondary 3.

At Braehead School we prioritise Literacy and Numeracy and teach these subjects discreetly making relevant cross curricular links wherever possible.  In addition to this we seek to ensure that Health Education remains a high priority as we want to support our pupils to be resilient, sociable learners who have developed healthy attitudes.  The use of Bounce Back is used specifically to teach resilience.

We have a clear progression across the experiences and outcomes and most children will move from Early Level at Primary 1 through First Level and into Second Level by the end of Primary 7.  Staff use Benchmarks to guide assessment of learning, progress and plan for next steps.


We ensure the 7 Principles of Curriculum Design are taken into account for all our pupils in their learning.
Staff involve children in the planning for skills for learning, life and work.


Big Maths Parents Meeting Presentation – Pre-School – 2015

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