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Fun outdoor learning with P2

P2 went out for some outdoor learning again on Tuesday. We were looking for different items for our hundred square challenge and got side tracked with the draw of the hill. We adapted the afternoon into testing the most effective way to roll down the hill. The position of someone’s arms effected the speed and direction of a roll. We also did some story reading as part of world book day activities. We shared three funny stories. The favourite was The Dinosaur That Pooped a Princess. The Wonky Donkey was second with The Ravenous Beast coming in a close third. We also were examining some minibeast that were found. Another fabulous afternoon!

World Book Day in P2

This week we have had three more silver certificates. Well done Saffron, Chikezirim and Millie. Bethel and Chikezirim were our golden ticket winners. Well done to them as well. We all had a great day on Thursday when we shared our favourite stories, dressed up and went on a world book day scavenger hunt with P6/7. Unfortunately it was raining heavily and quite windy so I didn’t manage to take many photos. We found all the clues and worked out that the answer. The book that the clues were pointing to was We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. What a great day!

P2 welcome Big Bear who returned this week.

The children were delighted when they found that Big Bear had come home. Little Bear was also happy as he was worried when we got a field service post card telling us Big Bear had been injured. We found out from the post card that he had been in hospital since November. We also found out that he had a magic key. That explains how he managed to go back in time to WW1 and then return. He has a sore leg and a bumped head. He will get better quickly now he is home to Little Bear and all his friends.

Last week we had four star writers. Well done Cara, Adam, Bethel and Jay. Our golden ticket winners were Hannah and Shaun for being silver super heros. We also had another silver certificate achieved by Bethel. Great effort! 


P6 Brilliant Bridges!

Today P6 had a visitor for our topic. Our new topic is Civil Engineering and our visitor today was Miss Williamson’s sister who is a Civil engineer. She explained the job of a civil engineer, told us about her job in Grangemouth, and all about the refinery. She also let us try on her real PPE! She also told us about her new job working with bridges and set us a challenge to create a bridge to hold 4 Mars Bars. We learnt that cylinders and triangles were strong shapes so used this when building out bridges. The winning team had 3 strong cylinders and even held a dictionary! We are excited to begin our topic and find our more about engineering.