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What’s under your feet?

The Eco group completed a “what’s under your feet” survey within areas of the school this afternoon. They were looking to see what insects are living in our grounds. We found mostly earthworms, a maggot and a ladybird.

This is part of The Pod and British Trust for Ornithology. It is to help scientists at the BTO understand the relationship between climate, the availability of invertebrates and how this impacts UK bird numbers and their migration patterns. We put out information into a survey.

We will add to this by looking at the birds we can see in our playground.

Fun finding fairy doors for P2

On Tuesday P2 went on a fairy door hunt in Westfield park. We saw and heard many interesting things as we travelled through the park. We even saw a deer having a wee rest under a tree. It was well camouflaged in one of the wooded areas. We only managed to find twenty of the doors before it was time to head back to school. Hopefully all our parents will manage to visit the park during the holidays to let us find all twenty seven fairy doors.

We had many silver certificates this week. Owen, Max, Leonie and Cara achieved theirs on Monday and Adam and Mark on Thursday. The golden ticket winners were Leonie and Sophie. Congratulations to these clever doodles.

Have a happy holiday everyone. 

Numeracy and nature for P2

We had a fabulous afternoon on Tuesday as the sun shone and we had fun. We played numeracy games. We had to collect sticks, stones or shells from the middle and then workout our teams score. Each time the items were given a random value of hundreds, tens or ones. A bit of a challenge for some but we worked well in our teams to help each other work out the scores. We used metre long sticks to tap a rhythm whilst we counted in twos up to 100. We then did it backwards a wee bit more slowly. We did times tables in pairs crossing our sticks for the multiplication and equals signs. Coordination varied since this is the first time we have used the sticks. Practise makes perfect so we will do this again soon. We also did the hundred square challenge. We had to find pairs of natural objects to fill the squares. We had to make each pair different in some way to the rest.

In the last fifteen minutes we got to play at the park. We had another silver certificate winner this week with Riley achieving his. The golden tickets winners for the last two weeks were Saffron, Riley and Millie for being silver superheroes and Cara for working more quickly. Well done to you all you clever doodles!

P3 celebrates World Book Day

We had a busy week celebrating World Book Day. On Tuesday, we went to the library to listen to a story and explore some of their books. Then, on Wednesday we did Sop, Drop and Read 3 times. On Thursday, we made bookmarks, dressed up, listened to lots of stories from adults and we went on a scavenger hunt with p7 to find clues from a book. We managed to find them even though the weather wasn’t very good. Finally, on Friday we heard all about the sponsored read from Claire. We have read a lot in class to add to our reading log.

Another wonderful afternoon of outdoor education for P2

Another afternoon of outdoor education took us to Kinta Woods. We began our learning by making symmetrical pictures with one or two lines of symmetry. We worked in pairs for this task. We then walked further along to the little burn and threw leaves or sticks into the water and watched them make their way down the burn. We noticed that the trees had numbers on them. We were able to suggest reasons for this and the green plastic cylinders held up by thin posts. As we walked further round the path Owen noticed three deer on the hillside opposite us. Many children found it hard to see them as they were so well camouflaged. Can you spot them in the three photographs below? Despite the short rain shower it was a valuable and enjoyable experience. A few children were concerned about the ‘storm’ but eventually accepted that it would be okay!