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RGU student Rugby with P6/7!

Today P6/7 were working with RGU students who were teaching them Rugby. Overall, there was a lot of running around and everyone enjoyed themselves! We were playing games about improving our passing skills about trying to keep the ball off the other team, and everyone was scoring touchdowns.

By Thomas Ramsay P6/7

Arnold Visited Again in P1M

Tracks on the ground outside the P1 classroom can only mean one thing… Arnold is back! This time with a a sad story about his friend falling off a bridge in the park. His poor friend ended up in pieces, so our challenge was to put his skeleton friend back together.

Our challenge was to work in groups to build his friend skeleton, making sure we put the bones in all the correct places. We had a guide to help us. We all worked so well in our teams.

Look how hard we worked! We are almost there. Arnold will be so happy that he has his friend pieced together again!



We were so proud we managed to make his friend – yeah!

We celebrated with a skeleton dance called “Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dancing Bones.”



The Magic Bus and Human Body P1M Topic

The Primary one children have been so excited this week with the Magic Bus appearing on different days in the playground and in the classroom along with Arnold the skeleton.

On Monday Mrs Cheyne our PSA told us that we had to go and investigate the tracks left in the playground. So we all went outdoors to find a skeleton holding a letter, a magic bus and a book. This was the start of our topic. 

The children were asked in the letter if they wanted to be part of the adventure and create their own magic bus to join the adventure. All the children wanted to take part and have created some fantastic buses.

The children are leading the learning for the topic, because we created a cloud of wonder wall with all their questions about the human body. Already Arnold the skeleton has helped us answer some of our questions about bones. So the adventure has began, I wonder when the Magic bus will appear again?