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Poetry in P6/7!

Recently, in P6/7 we have been learning about how to write poetry. We have been learning about Cinquain, Look what I found and Cats sleep anywhere. We created all our poems outside, and used things we saw and found in the playground as inspiration. Here is two of the poems:

Look What I found,

A rock,

It’s big and hard,

I found it in the bushes,

I wonder where it came from?

Here is a Children play anywhere poem.

Kids play anywhere,

Through the bushes,

And in there lairs.

Kids play anywhere.

Up the trees,

Through the leaves,

Feel the wind,

Feel the breeze.

It’s smart what they say

About where they will play

Children play anywhere.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun with our poems outside.

By Thomas R and Daniel E P6/7

RGU Excitement

P5/6 have enjoyed having students from RGU take us for PE on Friday mornings. We have learnt touch rugby skills, basketball skills, about the muscles in our bodies and tennis skills. It has been great fun. Our favourite was everything as we couldn’t decide on just one.




P5/6 PE

P5/6 are learning about athletics in PE. Today we learnt how to do a pull throw, the type of throw used for javelin in the Olympics. We tried a three ways to throw and found out having our arm as far back made the beanbag go further. We then used the pull throw technique to see how far we could throw. Outside we took a run up to our throw and we played a game called Shark Infested Waters, where we got points for where the bean bag landed, the best scores were 810 and 900!

P6/7 Internet Safety with PC Cook

Today P6/7 had PC Cook in to talk about internet safety. We discussed going online, how we use the internet and some of the risks. We watched a video based on a real life story about using the internet. We discussed the risks the boy in the video took, and what the legal implications would be. We were surprised at some of the legal ages for using social media – we didn’t know you had to be 16 to have WhatsApp!

PC Cook gave us an important piece of advice to follow for any device. He recommended that no one should have any devices in their bedroom. His reasoning is that anyone of any age is more likely to break the rules behind closed doors – which we all agreed was true!

RGU Sport with P3

On Friday, P3 were working with some students from RGU to play rugby. We played different games as a team. This meant, we had to listen carefully to the instructions and communicate well with our team mates. Also, we were learning how to pass the ball to our partner and for our partner to catch it. We became more confident the more we practised. Over the next few weeks, we are looking forward to learning about different sports.