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P3’s Outdoor Maths

We have been working on counting, multiplying and dividing in our class lately. For Outdoor Learning Day we went outside to practise and develop our confidence with this.

First of all, we worked in 2 groups to count in 2, 5 and 10. When we got to a multiple of 2, 5 or 10 we had to do actions. The children decided on actions that would keep us warm!

Then, we were divided into 4 groups by evenly grouping the class. There were different items in the centre and one child at a time in each group had to run to collect an object. The objects were worth 2, 5 or 10 points. This meant the children had to multiply the amount of objects by the correct number. We were also able to divide our objects too but there were a few remainders. The children helped each other when the numbers were getting bigger.

Parental Engagement Survey June 2019

We are reviewing how we engage with parents throughout the school year. It would be great to have your thoughts and opinions to help us evaluate what we do well and what we can do to improve for next session.
Please can you complete this short survey.
Thank you!

Primary 1 Even and Odd Numbers

Primary 1 have been learning about even and odd numbers. We learned that we have to look at the last number to decide if it is odd or even.

We went out into the community to explore even and odd house numbers. We learned that all the even numbers are on one side of the road and all of the odd numbers are on the other side of the road.  Every child practised taking a photo using the IPad and took a photo of a house number. Back in the classroom, children drew their own house, decided if their house number was even or odd and placed it on the correct side of our street display.

Children worked cooperatively in groups to create little movements to help them remember the odd and even numbers.


P1 Outdoor Learning in Kinta Woods

Today the Primary one classes took part in some outdoor learning. We walked down the hill from school and headed towards the woods. On our walk down we walked away from the big black clouds towards the blue skies.
We stopped for a class photograph and little rest on the bench.
We all spotted a fairy door on our walk, and had a chat about what fairy was living behind the door. Some great imaginations!
Some children started to find some ladybirds.

Mrs Cheyne led the learning and told us all about the ladybirds and why we were able to find so much in those specific trees.

We then carried on walking and took part in some Numeracy, using the numbers on garage doors to help us. This week in class we have been learning about numbers more than and numbers less than. We also started discussing odd and even numbers.

As we arrived at Kinta Woods we used our senses to smell the garlic in the woods. A member of the public told us to look out for the red haired woodpecker, we are yet to see it! But maybe next time we go down we can find it.

Miss Michie gave us a challenge of leaving an art gallery for the public. We had to use nature to create bodies and faces, this linked to our topic about the human body. Have a look at our gallery below.


Oliver set the caterpillar free to be with his other caterpillar friends. On the way back up the road to school the rain started but we were all amazed at how sheltered we were in the trees. We had a sing song on the way back up singing our Braehead song.