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Measuring in P3

Last week we were learning about weight. We were able to use different scales to measure objects and identify if it was grams or kilograms.

We then put our measuring skills and knowledge to use by baking. We worked in two groups to make gingerbread people. It was important that we worked together to be able to share out the different roles to make the wonderful gingerbread people.

After the biscuits had been in the oven, we were able to decorate them. Finally, we listened to the story of the Gingerbread Man while we enjoyed our lovely baking. Super work by all of P3!

Enterprise Fun in P5/6

P5/6 have been working towards an enterprise challenge. They had to come up with product ideas to sell, design them and sell them. They worked in teams to come up with ideas, make posters and logos and have a product and business name. They are currently making their products for sale!

We have: candles, beeswax wraps (for sandwiches, and jars), small teddy bears, candles, scrunchies, corner bookmarks, decorated plant pots with seeds and stress toys.

We will have two selling events, one for classes and one for parents.

P1-P3 Funfair Excitement

The lower stages classes had great excitement on Monday afternoon when they all came out of their classes to the sound of loud music and items at each classroom door!

We all gathered together where the music was coming from and had a big discussion about the items we all found.

We had great fun trying to catch one of the items which was flying across the room.

Sophie from primary one read us the invite which was left for us…


We we had to close our eyes and imagine what would be in a funfair, what sounds we would hear and listen to the music. We shared some great ideas.

The items below were all the clues we found which led us to think the theme was a funfair.  We’ve accepted the invite to learn more about a funfair and are excited to see what will happen next. Lots of joint learning across the lower stages will take place!