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Arnold Visited Again in P1M

Tracks on the ground outside the P1 classroom can only mean one thing… Arnold is back! This time with a a sad story about his friend falling off a bridge…

The Magic Bus and Human Body P1M Topic

The Primary one children have been so excited this week with the Magic Bus appearing on different days in the playground and in the classroom along with Arnold the skeleton….

P3 sharing stories with P1M

Primary 3 have been writing imaginative stories this term. The children chose what they wanted to write about but our main focus was on a clear beginning, middle and end….

What’s under your feet?

The Eco group completed a “what’s under your feet” survey within areas of the school this afternoon. They were looking to see what insects are living in our grounds. We…

Fun finding fairy doors for P2

On Tuesday P2 went on a fairy door hunt in Westfield park. We saw and heard many interesting things as we travelled through the park. We even saw a deer…