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2017/2018 – Miss Granger

In P1/2 we made our own butter.

We put milk into a¬†plastic jar and took turns shaking it. By playtime we had made the milk (liquid) into butter (solid).¬† We tried to spread the butter but it…

John Lewis Partners helped us make splendid stories today.

We had a story writing workshop with staff from John Lewis today. The education programme delivered by them is designed to inspire children to explore, imagine and create whilst equipping…

Super science in P1 and P1/2

We were making our own lava lamps in science. We had to pour oil into a cup. Then we added the same amount of water. The lighter oil floated on…

Another wonderful story read to P1/2 by a mummy.

Thank you Kirsty and Ethan for a lovely story today.

What a fantastic story we heard today in P1/2!

We were delighted today because Findlay’s mum Kerry read his favourite story to the class. It was very funny and rude! It was called The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet….