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2017/2018 – Mrs Walker

P5/6 mixes Art with Digital Literacy!

We have been following the adventures of Inanimate Alice. Alice lives with her Mum and Dad and has to travel due to her Dad’s job in the oil business. Alice…

P5/6 have been experiencing new sports!

In addition to tennis last week, P5/6 have had a taster session in Judo! The children got the opportunity to throw each other to the ground and learn how to…

P5/6 have been problem solving!

Could we make a perfect square from the quadrilaterals and pentagons? Yes we could!!

Trip to Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

We had a very informative trip to the children’s hospital today, where we met two play leaders – Susan and Ann who told us all about their jobs, making hospital…

P5/6 Fractions Video

Kayima, Molly and Faith present to you their Fractions Book.  We can guarantee that you will know how to do fractions after watching this awesome video!