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2017/2018 – Miss Clunie

Sports Day 2018

A great afternoon was had by all!  Thank you to Mrs Sim and Miss Williamson for organising it.

P4/5 Cricket

P4/5 had a great time getting to play and practise some cricket skills!  

P4/5 rocking rocks!!

P4/5 had so much fun in science making rocks out of food. They made sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks using chocolate, marshmallows, gummies, Rice Krispies, ice cream, biscuits and Rainbow…

Fun in the Recycling Bus!

Today James’ and Thomas’ Mum came in to talk to classes about Aberdeen City Council’s recycling.  We also got to work in the cool recycling bus.  We personalised our own…

P4/5 Kites

P4/5 have been doing some design technology. They first learnt about kites and then went through the design process to design and make a kite in groups. They created their…