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2017/2018 – Mrs Mundie

Construction golden group photos P1-3

Here are some of the children who signed up for the construction kit golden group over the last two weeks. Some really good teamwork happening and some super models.

Macduff Aquarium

Primary 3 had a great time visiting Macduff Aquarium.  They had a guided tour from Marie and the children had a chance to play “The Food Chain” game.

P3’s Star Writers

Well done to this week’s Star Writers!  Ms Nicols chose 6 Star Writers for their super writing.

P3’s Star Writers

Well done to our Star Writers this week.  We watched a small film clip about a little boy and his robot friend.  We had to make up our own ending…

P3 Learning About Density

P3 carried out an experiment yesterday to test which items would float or sink in fresh water and salt water.  They had to predict which items would float and sink…