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More walking for water photos from our Eco day.

We found that if we put a quoit on our head it helped to balance the container so that it was less likely to fall down. Nikola F. was brilliant…

Walking for water with P 1/2 for our Eco day activity.

P1/2 were walking for water for today’s Eco day. Earlier this session we learned about how some children do not have clean water coming into their houses. Sometimes they have…

Nursery boys and girls go to P1 to plant cress seeds

This morning the nursery boys and girls joined Primary 1 to plant cress seeds together. We helped one another and will water and watch our cress grow over the next…

Nursery Dandelion Hunt

Can you see the dandelion seeds?

Dandelion Hunt

The Nursery children read ‘Christoper Nibble’ and then went looking for dandelions! We found lots in our school playground. ┬áSome had seeds that we could blow into the wind!