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We are a cultural P5/6!

Today, the Opera Bohemia came to visit! Alistair, Catriona, Douglas and ‘Young Kenny’ performed some funny scenes from Verdi’s comic masterpiece, Falstaff!  The children had a hoot and even got…

P4/5 Cricket

P4/5 had a great time getting to play and practise some cricket skills!  

P2 Animations

Mrs McNulty is so proud of the brilliant animations the boys and girls created as part of our Technology topic. The children mind mapped their ideas, developed sets and characters,…

Snack Ninjas!

Here is an informative video about our Snack Ninja competition. We will be trialling this in health week to promote healthy eating and snacking.  

P4/5 rocking rocks!!

P4/5 had so much fun in science making rocks out of food. They made sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks using chocolate, marshmallows, gummies, Rice Krispies, ice cream, biscuits and Rainbow…