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P1-P3 Funfair Excitement

The lower stages classes had great excitement on Monday afternoon when they all came out of their classes to the sound of loud music and items at each classroom door!

We all gathered together where the music was coming from and had a big discussion about the items we all found.

We had great fun trying to catch one of the items which was flying across the room.

Sophie from primary one read us the invite which was left for us…


We we had to close our eyes and imagine what would be in a funfair, what sounds we would hear and listen to the music. We shared some great ideas.

The items below were all the clues we found which led us to think the theme was a funfair.  We’ve accepted the invite to learn more about a funfair and are excited to see what will happen next. Lots of joint learning across the lower stages will take place!

P1 Outdoor Learning in Kinta Woods

Today the Primary one classes took part in some outdoor learning. We walked down the hill from school and headed towards the woods. On our walk down we walked away from the big black clouds towards the blue skies.
We stopped for a class photograph and little rest on the bench.
We all spotted a fairy door on our walk, and had a chat about what fairy was living behind the door. Some great imaginations!
Some children started to find some ladybirds.

Mrs Cheyne led the learning and told us all about the ladybirds and why we were able to find so much in those specific trees.

We then carried on walking and took part in some Numeracy, using the numbers on garage doors to help us. This week in class we have been learning about numbers more than and numbers less than. We also started discussing odd and even numbers.

As we arrived at Kinta Woods we used our senses to smell the garlic in the woods. A member of the public told us to look out for the red haired woodpecker, we are yet to see it! But maybe next time we go down we can find it.

Miss Michie gave us a challenge of leaving an art gallery for the public. We had to use nature to create bodies and faces, this linked to our topic about the human body. Have a look at our gallery below.


Oliver set the caterpillar free to be with his other caterpillar friends. On the way back up the road to school the rain started but we were all amazed at how sheltered we were in the trees. We had a sing song on the way back up singing our Braehead song.

Arnold Visited Again in P1M

Tracks on the ground outside the P1 classroom can only mean one thing… Arnold is back! This time with a a sad story about his friend falling off a bridge in the park. His poor friend ended up in pieces, so our challenge was to put his skeleton friend back together.

Our challenge was to work in groups to build his friend skeleton, making sure we put the bones in all the correct places. We had a guide to help us. We all worked so well in our teams.

Look how hard we worked! We are almost there. Arnold will be so happy that he has his friend pieced together again!



We were so proud we managed to make his friend – yeah!

We celebrated with a skeleton dance called “Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dancing Bones.”



The Magic Bus and Human Body P1M Topic

The Primary one children have been so excited this week with the Magic Bus appearing on different days in the playground and in the classroom along with Arnold the skeleton.

On Monday Mrs Cheyne our PSA told us that we had to go and investigate the tracks left in the playground. So we all went outdoors to find a skeleton holding a letter, a magic bus and a book. This was the start of our topic. 

The children were asked in the letter if they wanted to be part of the adventure and create their own magic bus to join the adventure. All the children wanted to take part and have created some fantastic buses.

The children are leading the learning for the topic, because we created a cloud of wonder wall with all their questions about the human body. Already Arnold the skeleton has helped us answer some of our questions about bones. So the adventure has began, I wonder when the Magic bus will appear again?

Fun finding fairy doors for P2

On Tuesday P2 went on a fairy door hunt in Westfield park. We saw and heard many interesting things as we travelled through the park. We even saw a deer having a wee rest under a tree. It was well camouflaged in one of the wooded areas. We only managed to find twenty of the doors before it was time to head back to school. Hopefully all our parents will manage to visit the park during the holidays to let us find all twenty seven fairy doors.

We had many silver certificates this week. Owen, Max, Leonie and Cara achieved theirs on Monday and Adam and Mark on Thursday. The golden ticket winners were Leonie and Sophie. Congratulations to these clever doodles.

Have a happy holiday everyone.