Brig O’Balgownie Fun

We went outdoors for the afternoon with Mrs Sunshine who played our Bridge of Don Tour Guide. We started our walk visiting Thomas Glover house. The children found it exciting opening the gate and entering the secret garden.

We then walked down the hill to the oldest thing in Bridge of Don – The Brig O’Balgownie Bridge. The children learned it is 700 years old and they used their imaginations to picture what life was like with horses and carriages going down the hill to the cobbled bridge, stopping off to get some water.

The children pretended to be horses and stopped for a drink on the way to cross the bridge.

The children looked at the cobbles and when they returned to class that week they created pictures using thick and thin Lego blocks for the sound ’th’ based on the cobbles.

We decided to cross the bridge like soldiers. Amie had picked up two sticks on the walk. So it was decided she was the leader of the soldiers, pretending to play the drums, marching across the bridge.