Text Help Visitor

Today P7 had a visitor from Text Help to speak to the class about the benefits of using Text Help tools available to everyone through Google.

Pupils were shown two apps in total: ‘Read Write’ and ‘Equatio’.

When using ‘Read Write’, P7s were able to listen to the computer read text on websites and documents. They could also change the tint of the screen, section areas off and highlight words on the screen.

After this, pupils moved on to ‘Equatio’, where they could access a variety of numbers, shapes and mathematical symbols in a canvas space on a Google Doc.

Jackie, our instructor, told us that we were one of only 3 classes to complete the course in the allotted time. She was also very impressed with the behaviour of the pupils in P7C.

Fantastic new skills being learnt and positive attributes and values being shown. Well done P7C!

Remember: All tools are available through pupils’ Google accounts.