P7 Link Day

Last week P7 pupils spent their 1st full day at Bridge of Don Academy, taking part in four subject areas: Drama, Home Economics, English and Science.

The day began with students being greeted by the Deputy Head Teacher of Bridge of Don Academy, sharing how the day was going to run and a bit about the school. Pupils were then split into two groups of twelve to head around and follow a timetable. As group 1 headed to drama, group 2 went along to English.

Both groups came back together for break time and a chance to discuss how their first lesson went. They then attended two more periods before reassembling for lunchtime. During this time they were given more information about how the timetable is structured and the expectations of dress code etc. that the academy has for when they attend after the summer.

Pupils finally attended their last subject prior to heading back to Braehead. Everyone seemed to have a great day, stating that every subject was apparently ‘the best’.