P5 Far Wi Bide

Primary 5 have made a fantastic start to Term 3.  We have started working on our whole school topic ‘Far Wi Bide’.

The children have been working on their sense of place and mapping skills. They have been locating the main cities and landmarks in Scotland. We used Google Earth to locate places in Scotland and developed our skills with this to learn new features of it.


The three main skills we are targeting this term are focus, critical thinking and initiative. Every child in the class worked on the skill of ‘focus’ to plait wool together to make a tartan tier for our topic folders.  We had to concentrate really carefully and some of us mastered the skills better than ourselves, but we all tried our best and ended up with a final product.

We looked at bridges on Scotland while learning about Scottish landmarks and using a key in an atlas.  We had a technology challenge where we worked in groups to make our own bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows.