P2 helping Santa’s elves by designing new toys.

The children in P2 received a letter from Santa last month. We were asked to help Santa’s elves by thinking of some new toys that they could make for Christmas. We had to work in pairs or trios to design and build our new toys. We had to include a moving part or a flashing light in our designs. Many problems occurred as we tried to create our toys and we had to solve each one. Each group had to co-operate and listen to each other’s ideas and make choices that suited everyone in the group.

What a great job! Some groups had wheels and axles that moved and some had a light. They were able to make a circle of electricity called a circuit. One pair used a switch and two circuits to make their two lights flash on and off in turn. Well done boys!

There were six more star writers and two golden ticket winners. This week they won the golden ticket for showing acceptance for their peers. Well done Doodles!

Seasons greeting to you all and have a restful and happy holiday.