Community Footprints 👣 Walk


On Monday afternoon the Primary one children were taken on an outdoor learning walk around Bridge of Don with Mrs Sunshine. The focus of the walk was all about our topic ‘Footprints,’ the children were focusing on the Bridge of Don community, in particular how different types of houses form part of a community.

Mrs Sunshine started off by asking us what the word community meant. We soon learned that a community means an area that is built up with different houses, roads, paths, parks and facilities.

Some of us were very curious and asked a lot of questions as we walked past various things on our walk. One discussion involved speaking about why we have numbers on lamp posts. We leaned that numbers are put on a lamp post in case they need fixed.

We also came to a crossroads with different signs and had a discussion about directions.

We looked at the difference of old and new houses in the area and spoke about the materials used to build houses. Our walk involved us looking at special features of houses, that included bird houses.

We ended our walk down near the Thomas Glover house where we looked from a distance at the amount of chimneys the house had, how granite was used to build the house and we spoke about the age of the house.

During our walk we learned a lot of new vocabulary. Two words we had to remember the meaning of was – insulation and a special feature.

At the end of the week we are going to build our own houses using nature and construction.

The next time we go outdoors we are going to leave presents (food) for the wildlife.

Have a look at the fun we had around Bridge of Don community, even on a drizzly day!