Outdoor Fun in P1

Number 10 Fun

Last week Mrs Sunshine joined us outdoors for a fun afternoon learning all about the number 10. We were given lots of challenges to complete.

One challenge the children were set was to search for 10 leaflets.


The children also had to take 10 steps as we walked down some of the path and stop and point to something they could see, taking in the surroundings of our Bridge of Don community.


Find a Leaf with Five Colours

The children were given another challenge to find a leaf that had at least 5 colours on and pair up with another child to make 10. They had lots of fun doing this and learning about the changing colours of leaves and double numbers.

Bundles of 10 with Leaves

The children had to find a bundle of 10 leaves.


General Outdoor Activities

The children made cameras out of their leaves, then  used their leaves as cameras to take photographs of different things they could see.

Leaves Poem

Mrs Sunshine finished off our outdoor learning with a fun poem about a leaf being able to move in 10 different ways.