What have P2 been up to?

We read the story The Smeds and the Shoos by Julia Donaldson. We used water colour paints to make the characters the correct colours. We then had to make purple for the baby by mixing red and blue. Well done to the star writers.
We decorated potatoes to look like Supertato. They were brilliant! Two weeks ago we were watching hover flies. They look very like little wasps but now we know that they don’t have  a sting. We saw them at Kinta Woods. We also spotted metal plates with four digit numbers on each tree. They were in a sequence – 3779, 3780 and 3781. These help the people who look after the trees to know which trees need anything done to keep them healthy and safe for us.
Well done to these golden ticket winners who showed respect to others. Skills group was setting a table two weeks ago. Well done to this week’s golden ticket winners who achieved accurate and careful work. This week we learned how to fold different bits of clothing for skills group. We were all able to match the odd socks although we found pushing them together into pairs quite difficult.This week were were looking at leaves and about the variety of things in nature. We could see heaps of different types of trees in a small area of Westfield Park. We were learning about why the leaves change colour before dropping off the branches. We had to find a leaf with as many different colours as possible. We then had to find our favourite leaf and explain why we liked it best. One pupil even found the start of some nuts growing on a Hazel tree. Great observation and a super variety of leaves. Mrs Sunshine read the poem above and then all the children had to find their own tree and listen for its secrets.

We finished the afternoon at the play park and even managed to miss the rain again. Another great afternoon of outdoor learning. A special thanks to Mrs Sunshine who led the activities.