P2 had another busy week.

We have some superheroes that achieved the golden ticket for believing in themselves and six star writers. Well done!

We did a hundred square challenge during our outdoor learning. We had to find as many different things for the square as we could. We could only add something if it differed from other items already laid down. We worked together and succeeded in finding one hundred items. The wind caused a few problems but we persevered.

We started the golden skills groups. Our class had to make toast, spread it and cut it into halves and then quarters before we got to eat it. We were good at spreading butter, jam or syrup onto our slice of toast. Some of us found cutting the toast a little bit difficult but with some help we managed. Yum!

At the end of the week we used the iPads to explore some apps that introduced us to coding. We used Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch Junior and the Bee-Bot app. It was great fun to try to make the character move, jump, spin and shrink or grow.  Some of us had to work in pairs as there were not enough iPads for everyone.