Literacy Learning in P1M

Take a look inside the P1 classroom where you can see the children taking part in a range of activities.

The children have been working very hard every week learning their new sounds through actions, songs and a range of activities.


We learned all about the letter p. We had fun pretending to be pirates, playing with some pirate ships and designing our own parrots. 


We have also been busy learning all about the letter n. We had fun pretending to be planes around the classroom making the “nnnnnnnnnn” sound. We had a few patients in P1 and had to call on some nurses to help.  In between a busy surgery with lots of patients and the nurses bandaging their patients and checking blood pressures, Nemo the fish escaped! So the children had to swim through the corridor to count how many Nemos were lost.                                                 “Just keep swimming!”
                                                    Oh there’s one!

Back to being nurses again…

The children also took part in some written work, practising the formation of the new sounds in their booklets to get better at forming the letters correctly.