church assembly 20/06/19

Today in our church assembly we were listening to a story from the Bible called the Prodigal Son. This story was based on three wishes one of his wishes was to get money from his dad he got the money then went off on his journey after a few months he felt so rich that he spent all his money and all he had left was water and fruit off trees, then after a week he went back home, when he arrived home is dad was so glad to see him that his dad celebrated by throwing a party. After listening to the story we all got asked if we found a genie in a lamp what would one of our wishes be, for example one of the boys and girls said that they wanted to be rich.

At the end of assembly the Primary 7s showed off all of their amazing singing voices and dance moves.  The songs that they sang were learned while they were away to Abernethy.  The two songs they danced to were *Great Great Brill Brill* and *Be Happy*.  Here are the links if you would like to hear for yourself.                                 by Ellie-May Stark P7