Poetry in P6/7!

Recently, in P6/7 we have been learning about how to write poetry. We have been learning about Cinquain, Look what I found and Cats sleep anywhere. We created all our poems outside, and used things we saw and found in the playground as inspiration. Here is two of the poems:

Look What I found,

A rock,

It’s big and hard,

I found it in the bushes,

I wonder where it came from?

Here is a Children play anywhere poem.

Kids play anywhere,

Through the bushes,

And in there lairs.

Kids play anywhere.

Up the trees,

Through the leaves,

Feel the wind,

Feel the breeze.

It’s smart what they say

About where they will play

Children play anywhere.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun with our poems outside.

By Thomas R and Daniel E P6/7