Careers Day in P6/7 & P7

Today as part of our Apprentice topic we had a Careers Day. We had the opportunity to learn about different careers and the skills and qualities you need in certain jobs. We had different guest speakers visiting throughout the day, to tell us about their jobs.

We learned about lots of different types of jobs and skills such as setting up your own dream business, working in I.T, working with your hands, graphic design, teaching, organizational work, working as part of the oil industry, social work and working in sales. All of the talks were different and it was really interesting to find out how people started working in their careers as well as the skills and qualities they needed.

We had the chance to think about our own skills and qualities and created our own CV. We finished off our day by trying out different skills needed for the world of work. We had the opportunity to practice interview questions, typing skills, problem solving and to research careers that interested us.

We had a great day and loved learning about all the different careers around us. One thing was made clear is if we work hard, we can achieve what we want to!

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who came in to speak to our classes!! 🙂