Short Read: Katie Morag Delivers the Mail

We have been learning about Katie Morag and what life is like on the island of Struay. The children followed the story with their own mini books. The story was brought to life with the children getting involved sorting the different parcels out for the different characters in the story.

Katie Morag finds herself in the middle of a mail muddle, she needs to do some quick thinking to come up with a solution to her parcel posting problem.
Isabelle was responsible for looking after Granny Island’s parcel.  Anna opened up Lady Artist’s parcel. Lady Artist was expecting tiny, thin brushes for her miniature paintings, but the parcel Katie Morag had left on her doorstep contained two enormous brushes.
Rohaan opened up the Holiday People’s parcel and it was wrong! He got seeds instead of a fishing rod!
Kruz was responsible for Mr MacMaster’s parcel. He received Lady Artist’s small brushes. What a muddle!  Ebun opened up Mrs Bayview’s parcel and got a fishing rod!  The class helped the children get the parcels to the correct people. The children then had to sequence the story using pictures and sentences.