Our New Topic – The Titanic

The children have been having a great time beginning our new topic- The Titanic!

We were sent two letters this week from Master Agent 1.0! The Master Agent instructed us that we are now Special Agents with different missions to do. The first mission was to create our classroom to look like the Titanic! We used lots of different materials to create different parts of the ship! Next week we will be able to put it all together. The children had great fun creating it working in teams, individually and developing skills like painting, cutting and tying knots.

The children have also been taking notes  in their Special Agent notebooks from researching on the internet safely and looking through different titanic books!

There are picture below from the children creating the Titanic and I have also added some pictures from when the children went to see the pantomime in December, the children really enjoyed the trip!

Miss Webster and P4 🙂