Some ‘sparkle’ this week from P2.

My star writers this week were Bethel, Olek, Cara, Jay and Saffron. Well done!We have been learning about shapes in school and were playing with lots of them. We had to find shapes that you could tile with. The circles were no use because there were gaps between them.We found that squares worked.Rectangles could be used to tile too.We used triangles and they fitted together without overlaps or gaps.We used hexagons too.We tried with two shapes. Hexagons and triangles worked but it was difficult to get them to stay still. This is called tessellation.Olek and Adam succeeded in building a very strong tower. We learned that the corner bricks must overlap correctly to get the strongest walls.Our golden ticket winners this week were Ellis and Shaun. They have tried really hard and are making brilliant progress in reading. Keep it up boys!Here are some sparkle afternoon snaps.