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P2/3 at the P1-3 Christmas Party

Primary 2/3 had a fantastic time at the P1-3 Christmas party on Monday afternoon! We had lots of fun playing party games including musical corners, pass the parcel and musical statues. We even had a best dancer competition! To finish off the fun afternoon, the children found out that Santa had been to visit and had delivered presents for the P1-3 classes to share in the Learning Lane. The presents included a comfy cushion and a canape to create a reading area, reading buddies, scented play dough and a new construction kit! The children were very excited about the presents and can’t wait to try them all out. 

P6/7 and P7 Spitfire

The Blitz 

Today we were learning how to make our own 3D spitfires. Our first step though was to listen to a PowerPoint led by Miss O’ Shea about the Blitz. The Blitzis was an air raid that the British used to help them with WW2.


There were different types of planes that the Germans used to attack Britain, but our main focus was on the spitfires. The teachers gave us a task that involves being crafty! They gave us templates of the spitfire model so we can colour them in, cut them out and glue them according to the set of instructions.

By Daniel and Karina


P1 Caring in the Community

Primary 1 at Braehead have taken part in a kind project in the community. Pupils from each primary 1 class donated some of their old toys to school.

Yesterday we held a toy sale. Children brought in 50p from home and bought a toy.  The children helped count the money. We raised £22. 

Today both classes walked to Asda to purchase a toy for the Cash for Kids Appeal for children less fortunate than themselves. Primary 1L chose a super fun present for a boy-Star Wars Lego and a cuddly dinosaur.  Primary 1M chose for a girl and picked a doll and a Polly Pocket set.

The children all behaved beautifully during the trip and were rewarded with some time at the park before returning to school. 

Thank you so much to all our parents for supporting us and making this valuable experience happen for our pupils.