Another great week in P2.

Little Bear is delighted with the models that the children made to help him move about the classroom safely. Olek, Leonie and Millie finished their stairs. They strengthened it by making it have a corner and wall going out the side to stop it falling over. Putting it next to the cupboard also made it less likely to fall over. Unfortunately, Miss Grainger lost the use of her cupboard for a week…        …a small price for creativity! Bethel, Riley and Shaun made a vehicle for Little Bear to move about the classroom.

Owen and Jay made a great ladder with a red hook at the top to clip onto the shelf.

Omas and Ehi changed from Duplo as their bridge kept falling down. Now they have a bridge that Little Bear can walk across.  Chikezirim, Saffron and Mark decided that a different construction kit may help solve some of the problems they encountered. Now they have changed their design to a ladder rather than stairs. Hannah and Lily have opted for a ladder too.
Faizah and Sophie have made a vehicle for Little Bear. Star writers for both this week and last. I am especially proud of Owen and Omas for achieving this twice. Omas and Bethel won the golden tickets this week – Omas for always being a good friend and Bethel for playing nicely outside at playtimes. Well done boys. Some great costumes in P2 when they had to dress as a book character as parts of Scottish Book Week.