P2 receive a letter from the trenches.

This week we received a letter from Big Bear who disappeared from class last week. The envelope was marked as field post mail. It was covered in muddy paw prints. Big Bear had  been enlisted in the Great War and he sent us a photo of himself with the other soldiers in the trenches. He asked us to look after Little Bear while he was gone.

Little Bear was excited to get his letter as he missed Big Bear very much and was worried about him. We read his letter and got into groups to design and build some things to help Little Bear get around the classroom safely. Some of us made structures like stairs to climb on and off furniture. Some made vehicles for Little Bear to drive across the classroom. The remaining groups had to create bridges so that Little Bear could walk from one table to the next. We were working cooperatively in our groups. We had to listen to each other’s ideas, use encouraging words to support our partners and be responsible for participating in the task. Look at the photos of us working to find solutions to problems we came across whilst building our models.
Olek and Bethel built a super bridge but it was too short and kept falling down. They made it longer and added bigger bits at each end to hold some stones. The stones made the ends heavy so it would take Little Bear’s weight. This is the black and white photo that Big Bear sent in his letter.  Faizah and Ellis built a brilliant aeroplane from Lego but when Little Bear tried to get in they realised it was too small. They had to change their design to make a bigger vehicle. Riley and Max got their design finished very quickly and Little Bear felt very comfortable sitting in the drivers seat. Ehi and Omas had much more difficulty with their design as the Duplo kept falling down. They started to include pillars under their bridge to support the structure.

Owen and Jay worked well to get their model to go up like a flight of stairs. Some groups had to abandon their design because they found their choice of construction kit would not allow them to complete the task. We will revisit this again to attempt to resolve the problems we came across.