A day in the life of Primary 1

Primary 1 had a fun and busy day back! We started with Halloween themed funky finger jobs to develop our fine motor skills. We had squishy eyeballs, elastic bands on pumpkins, colouring, filling the cauldron using tweezers and Halloween pasta and making monsters using playdough.

Our literacy work was exploring letter m. We made a letter m mouse and completed some jotter work. It was much more fun wearing m for moustaches!

In numeracy today, our main focus was addition. We decorated addition signs to get familiar with them. We completed addition sums, solving them by counting.

In the afternoon, we were delighted with the arrival of a magic toy box. Inside were some toy soldiers and a note asking us to learn about Remembrance Day. We created beautiful poppies by printing with potatoes and using peppercorns for the centre.

We ended the day by playing a fun game as part of our emerging literacy programme where we had to identify if the sounds we heard were the same or different when Mrs Low ‘phoned’ us!

It is great to be back!