P4 Highlights!

The last few weeks the children have been learning even more about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We have taken part in a science experiment about insulation and melting. The children were seeing if they could make the ice last forever, just like Willy Wonka and his ever lasting ice-cream!

The children also had two visitors this week, one from TASSCHelp and one from the SSPCA. The TASSCHelp delivered some great training on how to use google and how we could use it in our classroom. I definitely have some computer wizards and witches in my class who can teach me now! The children were very enthusiastic about this training. The children also really enjoyed their visit from the Scottish Society Prevention to Animals. They were able to discover all about the importance of looking after animals.

P4 have also been growing in confidence while swimming and I am very impressed with how well the children have improved over the week! Well done!