Upper Stages Math Week – Money Maths Learning Lane

This week the upper stages had fun exploring money maths stations.

We had different stations; a shop, a bank, Monopoly, guess the price of items and make different amounts of money.

We had to guess how much things costs (everyday items). We found that we might not always be right, to compromise, that Sainsburys isn’t that expensive!

In the bank, we discovered that banking is harder than it looks! We learnt that banks can decide how much money you get to loan.

We learnt how to work as a team playing Monopoly. We also learnt to invest in properties, and we liked getting the money back at the end.

At the shop, we learnt it was hard to deal with people if we were shopkeepers! It was also hard to give change; we had to make sure we figured out the right amount of change.

We also had to make different amounts, this helped us without mental maths and adding money. These skills were useful for our shop!

We had so much fun this week learning all the different skills, and loved being able to apply our learning!

Written by P6/7