Exploring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with P4

The children in P4 have been having a great few weeks exploring everything about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have been creating music based on pictures from the film. The children had the opportunity to discuss the pictures and choose different musical instruments to use as a group. Each group will have a chance to perform to the class next week!

The children have also been developing team working skills, especially developing the skill of compromising. We have been using this skill when completing our tasks in the Maths Week Learning Lane. We have all had the chance to work in the bank, go to the shops and buy our weekly shop with the money we received from the bank. We also had the chance to estimate the price of real food, and play monopoly.

The children have also been working really hard to develop their skills in French. We played quite few french weather games to learn all the different french words for the weather. In the next coming weeks the children will create their very own French weather forecast.