Science afternoon in P3/4

We had a very busy afternoon with our open afternoon.

Earlier this year, the class were learning about chemical reactions with Miss Reid. They were making lava lamps and decided they would like to teach this to family members today. They mixed coloured water with oil and added a vitamin c tablet. They were able to watch the reaction.

After learning about mummification in our last topic about Ancient Egypt, we were trying to mummify apples! We made our predictions then added a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda to the apples. We will wait and see how they turn out!


We were very luck to have Dan from NovaBiotics visit us today. Dan is a microbiologist and was able to teach us all about microbes and the medicine they make to treat them. We were able to look at different types under the microscopes. We were able to create our own bugs using materials. Also, we had a visit from Clara from Doctor Who. Dan helped us to place the different microbes where they are found in the body. Finally, we were very lucky to have some lab coats and safety glasses to look like scientists!