P1/2 were learning about the heart and blood today.

1. We were being blood cells today. We drew a big body with lungs and a heart.

2. The heart pumped the red blood cells around the body. (Red cones on top)

3. When a cell got to a part of the body, like the foot, it gave it the oxygen. Then the blood cell was dark red (which looks almost blue when covered by the skin). (Blue cones on top)

4. The blueish cells went back to the heart. It was then pumped to the lungs where it collected more oxygen. They were bright red again. (Red cones on top)

5. The red cells went from the lungs back to the heart and were pumped around the body again.

6. The heart pumps the blood round the body about a hundred times a minute. We didn’t move quite as quickly as that!

The content was created by the children who wanted to explain their learning.