Busy, busy bees in P1/2

We have been very busy learning our numbers to twenty and using Numicon to help us understand how the teen numbers are made. We also laid out as many addings to ten that we could find. P2 have started simple division and multiplication by sharing & grouping amounts of objects. We are using multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and sharing into halves, thirds and quarters. We are beginning to recognise the way these fractions are written.  These busy bees managed to take turns and worked well together to make this huge hundreds square. Well done! We are making clay and stick hedgehogs. We will paint them when they are dry.  So far we have eight superstars who have achieved their silver certificates. Many more are only a few points away from theirs.  Two of the Stick Man star writer’s were chosen to be at the golden table because they had written fabulous stories. One described how the character felt and the other used a super word to start a sentence making his story more interesting. To help us learn about using non-fiction books to find information we did paired reading. The more confident readers helped their partner to read the book on hedgehogs. Each person had to chose three facts and the pairs made simple notes to record their facts. We then worked with P7 pupils who helped us to record our facts on a video. We were using an app called Adobe Spark. We will be able to use this app independently by the end of this shared learning experience. Finally we made information booklets on hedgehogs. They look fantastic!