P1/2 did some outdoor literacy with Stick Man.

Last week P1/2 went out to find some sticks to make our own Stick Man. We used sticks, leaves, seeds and  cones to write our names. We looked at the different types of trees and noticed the needles on the pine trees. Some of the bushes and trees that lose their leaves in winter had buds beginning to open into new leaves. Arran fell and got stung by nettles. We learned that if you rub a docking leaf on the white rash it stops it from itching so much. We took some back to school so that Arran could rub more of the leaf juice on the nettle sting later when it bothered him again. He said that it really helped.

This week we added a nose and eyes to our sticks to make a Stick Man. We put leaves on his head and elbow. We also make a cardboard Stick Man to practise cutting and following instructions. We did some information handling in numeracy starting with a car survey. We used tally marks to record the colours of cars passing the school .We then carried out a class survey about our favourite woodland animal from the story. We used the data to make a block graph.