P6’s Election

Yesterday P6 held their election after weeks of campaigning. The classes received a polling card so they knew they were eligible to vote. Then, each class was collected in small groups to vote. P6 organised every aspect of the election; from the voting slips to the poling station. They did an excellent job of running the polling station, and made sure everyone could vote – even the teachers! After a busy day at the polling station, it was time to count the votes. The winners were the Thistles 2.0! They did very well to campaign every day, and really convinced their voters. The results were as follows;

S.T.A – 22

T.M.T – 22

R.P.R – 40

Clubalizers – 66

Thistles 2.0 – 84

P6 had so much fun running their own election, and are all looking forward to their party to celebrate. Well done P6!