P1/2 tasted yummy Chinese food from the Tasty Wok on Friday.

We were learning about the Chinese New Year. We made Chinese finger dragons by folding paper. We found out that this is the year of the dog. We worked out using the zodiac that the P1 children are dragons because they were born in that year. Most of the P2 pupils are rabbits with one being a tiger. We were given heaps of food by the Tasty Wok carry out to taste. We tried to use chopsticks to eat the food. Ava and Krishan were our chopstick champions successfully getting the food into their mouth using the chopsticks correctly. There were many different methods attempted. We had veg spring rolls, prawn crackers, noodles and chicken fried rice. The teacher was proud of some of the reluctant eaters who gave it a try. Well done. We ran out of time so had to take our fortune cookies home with us. Please support the Tasty Wok for their kindness in providing such a lot of food free of charge.