Monthly Archives: January 2018

P1 visit to Ashvale Chip Shop, Asda

Today Primary 1 had the most fantastic trip to the Ashvale Chip Shop. This trip was part of learning about our community and most importantly, where our food comes from.








Learning outside the classroom with a different speaker can be very meaningful for the children.  Lots of children are used to seeing frozen chips and cooked fish.  Watching the demonstration gave them great ‘food for thought’ about how our food gets from its starting point to on our plate.




The staff were so kind and as a treat for listening so well and asking good questions, they provided some delicious fish and chips for us to eat accompanied by slushies to drink!



P1/2 were artists today.

We learned about the Scottish artist Steven Brown who is well known for his colourful highland coo paintings. We used wool instead of paint to make our own pictures. All the teachers that walked past our class thought we had made fabulous coos. Miss Williamson even gave us all a superhero point because she was so impressed with our efforts. 

P7 Visit to Absafe

On Wednesday, Primary 7 went on a trip to Absafe to help us learn how to stay safe in different situations. We had a lovely walk down (despite the cold weather) which didn’t take too long and we arrived in good time. We were split into 3 different groups when we got there and each group moved through the learning situations.

The variety of sets showed us different situations we might find ourselves in, ranging from staying safe near railway lines to putting someone in the recovery position.

Our visit was made extra special when we were able to watch the Aberdeen Football Club train during our lunch break. Derek McInnes even came and said hello to us all!

We had a really great day on the trip and learned lots of important life skills.